Getting Started with Star Citizen

CHECK OUT STAR CITIZEN.  This Stargate Command Website is maintained by a gaming organization that plays Star Citizen, a game currently under development by Cloud Imperium Games.  You can find out about the game by clicking the Star Citizen logo.  You can also watch the video at the bottom of this page. Star Citizen

CREATE A GAME ACCOUNT.  If you have not already done so, you can join the game by enlisting on the main game website known as Roberts Space Industries. There you will need to create an account and purchase a small "starter package" or any "game package" to gain access to the game. The gaming package provides access to the Star Citizen game, and also provides access to join gaming organizations that have built communities within the game ecosystm. Stargate Command is one of these gaming communities. Joining Stargate Command is free, but getting game access from the game developer is much like purchasing access to any other video game.

Note: Stargate Command is an independent, non-profit gaming community that is not affiliated with the game developer - Cloud Imperium Games. Your purchasing access to the game does not provide any financial benefit to Stargate Command.

Roberts Space Industries

Next, Join the Stargate Command Community

STEP 1: JOIN OUR GAMING ORGANIZATION.  Once you have an account with RSI (see above) and have purchased any gaming package to gain access to the game, you can then join the Stargate Command gaming organization by clicking our logo (icon on the right). Once you join, you will have access to our communication platforms and can engage with us directly both in-game and outside-game via our communication platform called Spectrum. Joining our organization is always free. SGC

STEP 2: ENTER OUR NEWS FEED AND CHAT PLATFORM. Our primary news feed and organizational content can be found on the Spectrum platform as operated by Cloud Imperium Games.  Click our Logo to be directed there now.  Feel free to join the conversations in our general chat feed.   

Note: All the above steps must be completed before this step will work.

Stargate Command on Spectrum

STEP 3: JOIN US ON TEAMSPEAK.  Most of our active communication can be found on TeamSpeak. To join us, first you must download TeamSpeak and install on your device.  To do so, click the TeamSpeak logo on the right and it will direct you to the download page.  This is a free download.  Once you install it, you can then point your TeamSpeak client to TeamSpeak

STEP 4: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   You can take a look at our growing collection of videos and subscriptions from Star Citizen and Stargate Command organization content.  We also subscribe to the MGM channel and will be adding the new TV series links to a unique playlist.

Stargate Command on Youtube

Looking for the new TV Show?

CHECK OUT STARGATE ORIGINS!  Recently, MGM announced a new chapter in the Stargate TV series called "Stargate Command Origins".  To find out more, click the legacy Stargate logo on the right to be redirected there now.

Stargate Command Origins

**Note: As a gaming organization, we are not affiliated with MGM nor the new TV Show.  The new show and it's unique trademarks are owned solely by MGM. Our gaming organization was created to honor the legacy of the Stargate universe but was created by fans as a non-profit fan organization. Joining our gaming organization, and maintaining membership, is always free of charge.